This year’s GUADEC was in Strasbourg, a very beautiful city with its old streets and architecture.

Core Event

The talks…
I really enjoyed watching talks about the work done, or is about to be done. You get to admire those people, and wonder how can they work so hard. And then you are working to make things better too, because GNOME is such a  welcoming community. And despite all the work done, still there is tons of things to do.
A few remarkable talks to me were Marina Zhurakhinskaya’s, Karen Sandler’s, Christophe Fergeau’s and Zeeshan Ali’s talks and Matthew Garett’s keynote.
All talks were not only great, but very inspiring too.

Birds of a Feather sessions

I attended to two BoFs after the core event.
During the Privacy BoFs I could realize how much work needs to be done to provide privacy, or safety, to GNOME users. I couldn’t help much, but I could get the idea of the current state of some applications and worries addressing users and applications.
The other BoFs attended was about GPG, the aim was to help setup a separated master GPG key from its signing and encryption keys (I didn’t even know that was possible!). The idea is to allow for normal usage, like signing and encrypting mail, while avoiding carrying around the secret part of the key that identifies you.

GNOME Intern 

As a GNOME intern via GSoC, I gave a lighting talk about the project, hopefully it was not too crappy ;).
Unfortunately I couldn’t get much GSoC work done during the conference.
The city called for some sightseeing and I couldn’t refuse to have a beer, although a bit expensive.

Thanks to GNOME Foundation for partially sponsoring my first GUADEC, surely  it’s a conference to remember for a lifetime.

Gnome Sponsored


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